Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blue Ridge Parkway Jr Ranger Badge

Sunshine recently had a gig with the Irish music group she's a part of, as part of a celebration of the musical heritage of the Appalachian mountains. It gave us the chance to explore part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, which we also discovered is part of the National Park Service and has a Junior Ranger program. So naturally, we had to add another pin to Sunshine's collection.

But first, some pics of the boys during Sunshine's performance. Ocean was not a happy camper: he hadn't taken a nap on the drive like I thought he would, and he's teething. So he was tired and grumpy and vocal about it. 

the cute face is deceptive

this is a bit more like it: biting on blankie because he just couldn't handle himself

at one point he fell down and just laid on the ground for a minute, deciding if it was worth it to get up or if he should fuss, or what

Sunshine with the group. They were singing a song here.

and the boys while she was singing: River listening and clapping, Ocean ignoring her and munching on grass (yum!)

We actually ran out of time to finish the junior ranger program on our first visit because the boys were just exhausted and losing it, so we went back later to finish up and receive her pin. We were able to get some great pictures of the scenery along the drive.

Sunshine being sworn in as a junior ranger while River tries to make a run for it.

Pictures like this make it obvious why they're called the Blue Ridge Mountains. So pretty!

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