Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Pictures

our back deck- snow almost up to the benches of the picnic table, 
blue bench and sand table almost buried

Yesterday I shared some pictures of Sunshine and I trying to sled and ski and what our roads looked like during the storm. We are lucky if we get snow once or twice a winter and we rarely get this much at once. We've lived here almost 6 years and this is the biggest snowstorm in that time.

So naturally we get excited about snow and take lots of pictures :)

Mr M, Sunshine, and River playing in the snow
River couldn't walk because the snow was too deep, so he scooted around backwards on his tummy

Ocean watching the fun- I think he felt a little left out :)

the kitchen stairs were buried in snow

and you can barely see our cars

Monday Sunshine started building her snow fort
River stopped to "help" for a minute

River still couldn't walk in the snow, so Sunshine pulled him back up the hill on the sled

where she collapsed at the top 
she requested a ski lift for future sledding outings :)

and one more trip down the hill
you can see how high the snow is around the play structure on the left

The lighting wasn't the best, but I wanted to make sure I got some pictures of Sunshine's snow fort. As soon as she heard about the snow storm she started planning everything she wanted to include. She was strongly influenced by Calvin and Hobbes and the snow forts designed by Calvin :)

snowball stash at the top right of the picture
Sunshine in her "tower"

a slide connects the tower with the lower area and its reserve of snowballs

ready for an all-out snowball fight

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