Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pregnancy and My 40 by 40 Goal

Monday I mentioned that being pregnant will give me a slow start to my goal, but I think I can still do it. I didn't say anything more then because I already had this post in the works.

So how does being pregnant affect my 40 by 40 goal?

The baby is due less than a month after I turn 38, which is the official start of my 40 by 40 challenge.

Well, I'm still sticking to it, it just got trickier and I may have to back off on some of the longer races I wanted to do (a full marathon and the 8 hour race). I've managed to complete 16 races in the 14 1/2 months since River was born, so I just need to add a few races to my schedule to still be able to reach my goal. I will probably end up having to do more races in the second year than the first year though.

I will also be willing to walk a couple races to keep on track. For example, I will hopefully be able to walk the Fourth of July 5k two weeks before my due date. I was planning on walking the women's four miler at the end of August, but it turns out it's actually in September this year (it's always the Saturday before Labor Day). I did find a fun run put on by a group that trains women for the four mile race that's being held the week before, in August, so I'll probably do that one instead. It's about six weeks after my due date, but my kiddos tend to come late, so I'll probably be 4 or 5 weeks postpartum.

The key to achieving this goal will be staying flexible, I think. Giving myself permission to walk and really listening to my body will make it possible for me to keep on track and not injure myself.

Staying active while pregnant with River made such a difference in how the pregnancy went and I'm praying I can stay active and keep running as long as possible with this kiddo as well. It's hard work, but totally worth it for an easier pregnancy and delivery. And I still think that exercise helps with morning sickness.

In the meantime, I've really got to get my food issues resolved so I can fuel myself and the baby and River (who still nurses once a day) and get everything done that I need to. No wonder I'm tired all the time :)

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