Thursday, August 21, 2014

Play Frig {Stash-buster Project}

the play kitchen area is complete: frig, sink & stove, and wall shelf

I promised Sunshine a long time ago that I'd build a play refrigerator to go with her sink and stove. Since I was in a building frenzy making things to help with organizing and decluttering, I decided it was a good time to finally follow through with that promise.

I modified this plan, making it taller since Sunshine will be playing with it, and the upper shelves will allow her to keep things out of River's reach. For awhile, at least :)

I used about 12' of 1x12 for the sides and doors, but only purchased an 8' board. The doors, top, and bottom were cut from leftover 1x12 pieces we had in the shed. I used 10" wide pieces of wood from the scrap pile for the interior shelves and a piece of shower board for the backing. The shower board was sitting around from an experiment in using it as a whiteboard (FYI: shower board doesn't work super well if you like to use a lot of colors like I do). I added hinges and handles from Lowe's to the doors, plus some magnetic catches to keep the doors shut.

This was an easy build and painting it took more time than the building. And now Sunshine has plenty of space for all her play food, I can check another project off my to-do list, and I used more of the wood pieces in the shed.

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