Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Funny

Back in the winter I mentioned how much River hated his snow boots.

As the weather got warmer, I started looking for sandals or something similar for the summer. The only problem? River freaks out anytime I try something on him.

We have some sandals from his cousin, but when I put them on him, he refused to move and acted like his feet were nailed to the floor.

Sunshine had some generic crocs when she was his age, so I gave those a try when I saw some in the store. He was sitting in the shopping cart, so his feet never touched the floor, but he still didn't want anything to do with them. I thought because they were lightweight he wouldn't get so upset, but apparently they were too rigid or something- he started crying once they were on his feet.

wearing his Skidders

He's been wearing Robeez (and similar brands) of leather shoes and rubber soled Skidders, which are lightweight and flexible but more waterproof than the Robeez. Sunshine had a couple pair of Skidders when she was his age, so when I saw them in the store I bought a pair for him. He likes wearing them and they're great for wearing in the mud outside. I had resigned myself to keeping him in the Skidders for awhile longer, but of course now I can't find them at Target. I checked Amazon and ebay and found some, and even found some pool shoe-style Skidders. They're not sandals, but I think they'll do. I ordered a pair of canvas-shoe style Skidders (same as in link, but in blue) and a pair of the pool shoe-style Skidders.

Unfortunately, they're a bit too big for him still. The physical size differences between the available sizes is a bit too large, in my opinion: the smaller size is too small, but the bigger size is too big. Hopefully he'll grow into them soon.

In the meantime, Mr M finally convinced River to give one of his hand-me-down sandals a try. He wasn't thrilled with the idea still, but at least he let Mr M put them on his feet. We were all super encouraging (which works surprisingly well with River), so he kept them on and even tried walking in them. He still acted like he had 5 pound weights on his feet, but he gave them a try. He spent the next couple days wearing them around the house, tripping over his feet and clomping around, but he wore them.

The longer he wears them, the more he grows accustomed to them, but he still clomps around. It's funny that shoes are such an issue for him.

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