Friday, March 6, 2009

He's Home!!

My Army Guy flew in a week ago today at an obscenely early hour. The plane was early, so even though we got there early too (just not early enough), we missed him getting off the plane, which was disappointing. Little Miss Sunshine was very excited to see her daddy, but was a bit tired because of the early hour (you can see it in her face in the picture). I was also excited to see him (of course!) and we have all been enjoying spending time together as a family.

After the various meetings, briefs, and what-have-you, we took the scenic route home. We got to see parts of the state I haven't seen before (found a couple areas we'd love to have a cabin in) and scoped out some locations for my book. I'm still working out some details, and will soon be able to sit down and start writing.

My Army Guy (gotta come up with another name for him now) has a couple weeks of leave, so we'll be spending the next couple weeks sending out resumes and spending time together as a family, and hopefully by the time his leave is up he'll have a job.

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  1. Yeah! I'm so glad he made it back safe. Have fun on the job hunt.