Monday, January 18, 2016

Colds and Cold Weather

a sneak peek at Sunshine's slowly evolving room

Last week I walked on the treadmill on Monday, had a busy day Tuesday, and then spent the rest of the week sick with a nasty cold :(

I'm finally feeling better, but I'm bummed about the workouts and project time I missed out on. I did force myself to get outside on Saturday and make our Pinewood Derby trophies, but only because the derby was a week away, the weather was in the 50's, and the forecast called for temps in the 20s and 30s for the rest of the coming week. Not optimal for outdoor woodworking and spray painting. While I was at it, I decided to go for broke and finish cutting the wood for Sunshine's shelves. Mr M and I pulled out the table saw and went to town on the sheets of plywood that have been cluttering up our front porch for the last month or two.

We brought all the pieces for the shelves in and took all the tools and scraps down to the shed, finally leaving a clutter-free front porch. And then I went inside and soaked in a nice hot tub to take away the chill. Surprisingly, getting chilled didn't set me back as far as I thought it would, so I must have already been on the mend enough to fight off any resurgence.

Even though I'm feeling better today than I did Saturday,  I'm glad I didn't procrastinate since temps today were in the mid-20s.

Mr M and I have decided that our next place will have a workshop/shed with electricity and space for wood working. It's non-negotiable. The shed we have doesn't have electricity and really isn't big enough for woodworking and we're both tired of having to pull everything out and bring it up to the front porch, where the nearest outlet is.

I thought about hitting the treadmill today, but decided to give myself one more day of rest and recuperation. I know I need to find a time that consistently works for me and hopefully I can work on that this week.

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