Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas PJ Pics

can you tell that River is losing it?

This should have been posted closer to Christmas, but I forgot.

We miscalculated our timing a bit on Christmas and didn't end up with great Christmas pj pictures. The one above is pretty representative of most of the shots we got. River really didn't want to sit still for a picture. Ocean didn't care. Sunshine made an effort to smile, but we still ended up with quite a few where she just looked bored.

We did manage to get a shot of River smiling by himself and a pretty good shot of Sunshine and Ocean together.

But the next two were as good as we could get. 

River has a piece of candy in his cheek that we tried to bribe him with and Ocean doesn't look like he's enjoying being manhandled by River. At least Sunshine was smiling.

Slightly out of focus, forced smiles, and looking in different directions. Yep, that's about right :) 
Hope  everyone had a good Christmas!

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