Monday, December 22, 2014

Random Pregnancy Thoughts

I've experienced nausea and aversion to food smells with all three kiddos (but  not with the miscarriages, interestingly enough). They were very bad with River, but I don't remember them being as bad with Sunshine. This time around they haven't been as bad as with River either, which has me wondering if this one is a girl. I'm not holding my breath on that though, because I was convinced that Sunshine was going to be a boy and I thought River was going to be a girl, so my track record on this isn't very good. Based strictly on levels of nausea, though, this one seems to be more like what I experienced with Sunshine than with River.


I ate a lot of chocolate while pregnant with River- it was about all I could stomach during the first trimester. Mini Snickers and mini Butterfingers were in constant rotation. This time chocolate tastes disgusting. Seriously. It's very weird since I've always liked chocolate and I'm picky about the kinds I eat. But even the ones I've enjoyed in the past taste like nasty, cheap chocolate. On the other hand, sugary candy like Starbursts and Dots actually taste ok. This is another reason I'm leaning toward this baby being a girl.


Having Mr M around for the first trimester has been WONDERFUL. It was rough having him gone a good portion of the time when I was pregnant with River, but it would have been worse this time around. Sunshine can fend for herself pretty well, but River can't, and I don't know that he'd appreciate all of his sister's efforts to feed him :) I'm very blessed to have married a man who knows how to cook and doesn't mind taking up the slack when just thinking about food makes me nauseous.


pregnancy bladder + pre-race nervous bladder = having to pee the whole race even though I went twice just before the start.


My usual pregnancy tip-offs of drastically increased hair loss and chest tenderness were a bit masked this time around. I switched up my hair routine not long before getting pregnant and while my hair likes it, it does encourage tangles that only get smoothed out in the shower, which also releases the hairs that would normally have fallen to the ground throughout the day. So every time I wash my hair,  there's lots of hair to clean out of the drain. I was chalking it up to the changed routine, but at least part of it is pregnancy-related.

River is still nursing first thing in the morning and this has gone a long way to minimizing the chest tenderness I usually get (so nice!). I've only experienced minimal tenderness.

I was late, but I was chalking it up to stress (there's a lot of stress in our lives right now). Then I thought "I better make sure...." :)


A late night trip to the bathroom last night reminded me of a theory I came up with while pregnant with River.

Having to get up in the middle of the night to pee prepares us to get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby.

I think it's kind of rude, though, since we really need to be getting as much rest as possible in the weeks and months leading up to when the baby is born.

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