Friday, August 29, 2014

Swimming Lessons

This summer Sunshine did swimming lessons again with our favorite swim teacher, but we did them at a public pool since the family that owned the pool we used to use sold their house.

Pro: This meant Sunshine was able to practice swimming up and down the Olympic-length swim lanes and really work on the different strokes.

Con: I couldn't get any great pictures this time.

Pro: River had fun with the baby pool and the splash pads.

Sunshine has really progressed with her swimming skills and really likes being in the water now.

River really likes being in the water as well, which is a nice change from Sunshine at his age. Back then she was terrified of the water and would hang on to us with a death grip around our necks whenever we took her in the water. Unfortunately, River also likes dipping his hands in the pool water and then licking them. So gross!

Mr M came with us one day and we had River slide down the baby slide. It didn't go quite as we'd hoped.
yay! this looks like fun!
{note that Mr M and River have the same swoopy curl in their bangs :) }

wait, I'm not sure about this...

maybe it'll be ok...

get me out of here! I don't like this!

Yeah, he wasn't impressed with the slide. He does like everything else though :)

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