Thursday, July 7, 2016

June Mileage

River has decided he'd rather walk than ride in the jogger
we go a little slower and I don't get quite the workout I did when I was pushing him, 
but it's good for River to get his exercise too

My mileage decreased a bit more in June, but so did my treadmill time. Only 4 days in June versus 7 in May, though I also did 3 hikes and 3 races. I compensated lost treadmill time with more work days- 11 in June. The coop project has dragged on longer than I wanted, but I'm close to finishing it. Of course, there's always more projects lined up, so just because I finish the coop doesn't mean I won't be getting my cross-training in.  I do need to get better about spending time on the treadmill on the days that I'm not out working on the coop, so my goal is to increase my treadmill days in July.

June's mileage:
4 treadmill walks + 3 hikes + 3 races (June 5k, 1 mile glow, 5k)= 21.46 miles total

May's mileage:
7 treadmill walks + 1 hike + 2 races (May 5kevening 5k) = 23.87 miles total

April's mileage:
6 treadmill walks + 1 hike + 1 outdoor run + 3 races (glow 5kApril 5k5k) = 27.17 miles total

March's mileage:
4 treadmill workouts + 3 hikes w/stroller + 4 races (4k5k5k5k obstacle) = 25.7 miles total

February's mileage:
9 treadmill workouts + 2 races (5k + 4.8 mile mud) = 26.15 miles total

January's mileage:
8 treadmill workouts + 1 race (5k) = 16.17 miles

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