Friday, April 1, 2016

March Mileage

Sunshine always leaves us in the dust on our hikes- the benefit of not pushing a heavy jogger with a wiggly little boy in it

March's mileage was very close to February's, and I exercised the same number of days- 11. While I would love to have a higher monthly mileage and to be exercising more, that just hasn't been possible with all the crud I've been fighting over and over. This week I've finally started feeling more human again, which is evident by the number of workouts I've completed this week. Four, counting the miles I'm doing on the treadmill right now. And I'm hoping to get outside tomorrow for a quick run between General Conference sessions. I'm not feeling 100% yet, but my energy levels are so much better than they have been.

Our almost-weekly hikes are quite successful so far. We missed one week because of feeling unwell, but have otherwise been consistent. We've had friends accompany us twice, which is fun, and adds that extra bit of accountability to make sure we get out of the house on time. We've been keeping to the shorter loops (about 1.25 miles), but we'll be branching out to the longer ones as we continue to regain our health.

We kept River out of nursery this past week and General Conference means we'll be staying home and watching conference online this weekend, so we'll have even more time for us to recover and not get sick again. As long as we can stay healthy my April mileage and workouts should both be greater than my March and February mileage and workouts. Things are looking up health-wise, and hopefully that proves to be the case.

March's mileage:
4 treadmill workouts + 3 hikes w/stroller + 4 races (4k, 5k, 5k, 5k obstacle) = 25.7 miles total

February's mileage:
9 treadmill workouts + 2 races (5k + 4.8 mile mud) = 26.15 miles total

January's mileage:
8 treadmill workouts + 1 race (5k) = 16.17 miles

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