Thursday, July 28, 2016

First Birthday and First Haircut

Sunshine had a cupcake for her first birthday,  River had a mini pumpkin cheesecake, and Ocean got a brownie cupcake with whipped cream.

two candles because you need one to grow on

One thing we changed was to celebrate his birthday with singing and cupcakes at lunch, rather than waiting until after dinner. Unlike his older siblings who had their celebrations in the evening, Ocean did not have a meltdown.  He just chowed down on his brownie :)

Since Ocean had his birthday, it was also time for his first haircut. He was getting so shaggy, though not as shaggy as River was.

blonde shagginess that was too long

I will say I didn't immediately love his haircut, but a week later it's growing on me and him (it's going to need a trim soon!).

darker blonde hair cut off, lighter blonde hair left on his head

The transformation is so striking. We saw it with River, and it was the same with Ocean. One minute they're a shaggy-haired baby, the next they're a little boy ready to get into trouble.

I love this picture of Ocean. And yes, I did photoshop it a bit to take his scar out.

And for the side by side comparison:

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