Monday, April 11, 2016

Further Thoughts on my 40 by 40 Goal

We have a bunch of daffodils and other early flowers, but only one tulip. I plan on redoing the flower beds next year so I'm trying to keep track of what is where, but the single tulip is a little baffling.

Last week I mentioned plans to run a half marathon at the end of April. After a lot of thought and deliberation and logistical work arounds, I've decided not to run it. I hate bowing out of a race, but I'm severely undertrained and have been sick long enough that I no longer have a good base to fall back on like I have with past races. The race is just far enough away that I'd have to leave around 4 am or get a hotel room and both options would require a babysitter who doesn't mind being awake obscenely early in the morning. However, it's really the lack of endurance that swayed me.

So I'll stick with shorter races and work on running more and walking less. I went for a run outside on Saturday, and my shins aren't completely happy with me, so it reaffirmed the wisdom in not running a half marathon just yet.

I'm currently planning on three 5ks this month and we'll see how much of them I run and how much I walk. If I keep on track with the races on my list, I should be able to accomplish my 40 by 40 goal in December, six months early.

Since realizing that my 40 by 40 goal won't be quite as extensive as I'd hoped, I have to admit to a decrease in enthusiasm for my goal. I was looking forward to searching out and running a variety of races, and not being able to do so is disappointing. Not to say that I won't finish my goal, because I will, it's just not what I originally had in mind. Now I find myself just wanting to accomplish my goal and then take a break from races (but not training) for a couple months.


Last week I walked on the treadmill twice, wasn't able to go on a hike Thursday because it rained the night before and we can't use the trails when they're wet, and ran outside on Saturday. I had hoped for four or five workouts, but three is good too :)

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