Friday, January 29, 2016

6 Months

isn't this a great picture of Ocean? I lucked out with some great natural light

It's hard to believe that our little Ocean is 6 months old already. Ok, he's not so little anymore :) But the last six months have just sped past us at warp speed. We're now reaching the point where Ocean will start hitting more and more major milestones at a rapid pace: sitting on his own, crawling, pulling to a standing position, walking, etc. He'll soon be a toddler, not a baby, which is always a bittersweet transition.

Ocean can sit up for a minute or two if put in that position. He can wiggle around a lot while on his tummy, but hasn't managed to get up enough for combat crawling. He rolls from his tummy to his back easily, but doesn't find it so easy to roll back to his tummy.

As I suspected would end up happening, he is a thumb sucker like his brother and has now fully rejected the pacifier. He also really likes chewing on toys and has some great hand-eye coordination as a result. He slobbers a lot (seriously!) so his teeth must be moving up in his gums, but they are nowhere close to erupting (thankfully). I don't mind my kiddos waiting awhile to get their teeth since it makes breastfeeding a lot less painful. Along with all the toys he likes to chew on, he likes chewing on paper as well. I think it's the crinkly sound he likes, since he likes crinkly things. Wipes packets are another favorite- the Costco brand are quite noisy, which he loves.

this came out fuzzy, but I like it since it shows both boys snuggling their blankies (Larry and Bob) and sucking their thumbs

Ocean likes to snuggle Larry while sucking his thumb, just like River snuggles Bob when sleeping. Speaking of sleeping, the crib is in Sunshine's room and he's taken a couple naps in it, but he still sleeps in our room in the co-sleeper at night. I'm working on organizing their bedroom this week and hope to start having him sleep in his crib at night this weekend.

Ocean actually likes tummy time. Sunshine hated it with a passion and River tolerated it, but Ocean seems to enjoy it. I mean, look at that smile!

you can see how his hair is thicker on top and thinner on the sides

His hair is more like Sunshine's was than River's. River's hair was thicker and darker, Ocean's is thinner and lighter. Sunshine's was even thinner and lighter than Ocean's but the hair on top of her head was thicker and longer than on the sides. We used to joke about her having a "high and tight," and we've realized that Ocean also has a "high and tight." He still has his longer tuft in front, but I'm contemplating trimming it to match the rest of his hair since it looks kind of scraggly.

I think this pic looks like a headshot for a baby model :)

We've started feeding him a little squash, avocado, and chicken broth, but he really hasn't shown much interest in eating so we haven't been consistent with it. Since hitting the six month mark he's been a little more interested and he's now eating more. He's waited the longest of the three children to  start eating.

Ocean is a busy baby who is always grabbing at stuff. If it's in reach, it's not safe from him. In the picture above, he fell asleep while playing with that ball. If you look closely, you can see his little finger wrapped around one of the little stringers. A few seconds before I took the picture he had fingers from both hands wrapped around it.

River being sweet and giving Ocean a kiss

Ocean is a happy baby, still easy going, but he still prefers to be held as much as possible. He's also still a chubby baby, though his weight percentile has gone down a little and will probably continue to do so as he starts eating more solid food and becomes more mobile.

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