Monday, December 21, 2015

Tripping over Trailers while Tying Things Up

we finally made it to park day a week or so ago and River had lots of fun playing on all the toys

Last week I said I was going to hit the treadmill, but it didn't happen, though for good reasons.

I started out the week doing a cross-training workout Monday, so that was good.

Tuesday I was too busy running errands and painting the shelves for Sunshine's room (I used our new paint sprayer, so I had to do it outside).

Wednesday I planned to exercise, but I tripped over the tongue of our little utility trailer while loading some wood for Sunshine's shelves. In fact, I tripped twice. The second time was the worst- I tripped backwards and caught myself with the fleshy part of my left palm. I felt the jolt clear up to my shoulder. The wood was on the trailer at that point but I still had to strap it all down. By the time I finished strapping everything in place my had was swollen and not feeling right. I went home and unloaded everything and put the trailer away and fed the kids lunch and then called Mr M to come home and watch the kids while I went to the ER. Since it was my left hand, I could drive myself, but I didn't want to try to corral kiddos while getting x-rays.

I don't normally run to the ER when I get hurt (this is the first time I've gone in a really long time), but I went this time because my hand just didn't feel right and the pain was still radiating up to my elbow and shoulder. I figured it would be smart to find out if I broke anything. Luckily, the x-rays showed that my hand wasn't broken, I just bruised everything pretty badly. At this point there's a bit of greenish bruising still fading on my palm and it's still tender and stiff. And I managed to get a really spectacular bruise on the back of my left knee. I'm not sure if I caught my knee on something the first or second time I fell, but it was collateral damage in the whole incident. In any case, the trauma of it all threw me off my game and I didn't get much done at all on Wednesday. Including the additional coat of paint on the shelves that I had planned since the temps were still good. I think I'm most bummed about that one: December is usually not the time of year to be painting outside, so I really wanted to take advantage of the cooperative weather.

Thursday after River's playdate in the am I finally buckled down and got everything packed, finishing right about when Mr M got home. And then we headed out for my brother's wedding. We were gone all weekend and I did not have time for any exercising, which I had expected would be the case. 18+ hours driving each way and a day spent with family. Since I was pregnant with Ocean we missed our usual family reunion trip this summer, so it was good to see almost everyone (my older brother came, but his fam couldn't make it since they live in Alaska). The little boys were not thrilled about spending so much time in their car seats, but they really did quite well. The drive is actually several hours shorter, but stopping to stretch our legs and feed Ocean every couple hours added at least 3 or 4 hours each way. We knew that would be the case and had planned accordingly, but the reality was still a bit rough. We won't be going anywhere this week if we can help it so the boys can detox from their car seats :)

So, I didn't exercise much at all, but I'm ok with that. It was a busy, stressful week and something had to give, and it did. This week is looking better, so I am looking forward to actually getting some exercise- cross-training and treadmill. I have the New Year's Day 5k coming up and I need to finish the Army Virtual Marathon.

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