Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 Months

I know I always say this, but it's hard to believe it's been 5 months already! Ocean is such a sweetie. He's pretty easygoing unless he wants to be held, then he's not shy about letting us know that it's time to hold him right now. He's such a chubby baby- I'm pretty sure Sunshine and River were not as chubby as him. And he's solid. Some babies you pick up and they're so light you hardly notice you're holding them. This is definitely not the case with Ocean :)
daddy snuggles

Ocean's hair is definitely lighter than River's, but darker than Sunshine's was. All his dark baby hair is gone and his long tuft in front is thinning, though still present. The rest of his hair is growing in and he has the cutest fuzzy baby head. 

As you can see in the picture below Ocean does still suck his thumb, though he's still figuring out where to put his fingers while sucking it. Love those splayed fingers.

Showing off his calm baby vibe.

Having fun sticking out his tongue and blowing spit bubbles. So much drool and spit comes out of his little mouth, his shirt front is usually soggy.

Sometimes while blowing spit bubbles he puckers his lips to whistle, but he only blows spit instead.

And here he's adding a level of difficulty to it by looking concerned while puckering up to blow spit bubbles. Love the furrowed brow!

River says "mom" and "dad", but can't say his or Sunshine's names yet. On the other hand, he can say the first syllable of Ocean's name. He comes into the room and says "Hi, ---". Which is also one of two two-word phrases he's said (the other being "Dad home"). So Ocean has a special place in River's heart.
Brothers snuggling on the bed. I'm sure in the years to come we'll look back with fond memories at calm moments like this :)

Ocean is usually a happy baby, though he's not fond of the high chair and let's us know when he thinks he needs to be held instead of remaining in the chair. This usually occurs in the middle of meal prep or while I'm trying to eat. He's decided he'd rather sit on mommy's lap during meals than stay in the high chair.

I caught a pic of him catching rain drops with his tongue while we were out shopping. We actually have a picture of Sunshine doing the same thing when she was around his age. When I find it I'll repost this pic with that one.

I couldn't resist including this one because the funny side eye is so great.

Ocean loves chewing on toys and slobbering all over them (just like a puppy dog!). River chewed on toys a bit, but not this much, and Sunshine never really put toys in her mouth at all. I wonder if there's a correlation between chewing on toys on sucking thumbs? Though Ocean does still suck the pacifier on occasion (Sunshine was a pacifier baby), so I don't know.

He's becoming more mobile, not rolling over yet, but he can move around a bit by wiggling his legs and bum. He's proving he's one of our kiddos- he already flops around in his sleep.

Ocean is still super ticklish and he seems to have a sense of humor- he laughs at things he sees that he thinks are funny. So we get some great baby giggles out of him.

He's settling into a sleeping rhythm- morning nap, afternoon nap (which I can usually coordinate with River's nap time) with a couple other naps as well, but the morning and afternoon naps are longer than before. I'm loving this since it gives me time in the afternoon to work on projects without worrying about what the boys are or aren't doing. Ocean is also going to bed earlier, usually about the time Sunshine does, which is so much nicer than the midnight bedtime he stuck to for longer than I wanted him to.

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