Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Funny

A couple days ago my phone told me it couldn't complete a backup because there wasn't enough space. I looked through my apps and files and finally decided the culprit must be my photo stream. I synced it to my computer, then deleted all the items in my photo stream from my phone. Success! Plenty of space to complete a backup.

The next step was to look through the newest photos from my phone. The first thing I noticed was that most of them weren't photos, but videos. And one of those photos was 30 minutes long. I didn't remember making a 30 minute video, so I clicked on it to see what it was. 30 seconds in, I called Mr M over and we just busted up laughing.

River likes my phone, but he likes it when the screen is colored, or can change if he touches it. If I hand it to him and the screen is dark, he'll hand it right back and complain. I've learned the hard way not to unlock the phone for him (he deleted half my email inbox one time), and pressing the circular button at the bottom doesn't keep the screen active for long. So I've started turning the camera on for him, which is how I ended up with a 30 minute video on my phone.

The first few minutes made me a bit seasick as he walked around the house (the drunken sailor stagger makes for a very shaky video), punctuating his explorations with the random squawks and grunts that are how he currently communicates. We got some sideways shots of his crib and some close-ups of the carpet in his room when he dropped the camera on the rug and then scrabbled around to pick it up again.

Eventually River closed himself in our closet and when I retrieved him the phone got left on the floor. The video was still running (which I didn't realize) so the picture went dark but we could still hear what was happening in our room. Eventually I went searching for my phone and I turned off the video when I found it.

I found several other videos, but they are all much shorter and not quite as amusing. I'm sure there will be more videos :) I wonder if we have a budding movie maker on our hands?

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