Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Funny

Sunshine's fiddle teacher has a large dog that has a large bed. 
River decided it was just right to sit on and read a book.

River sometimes lowers his voice when he talks to Mr M. Instead of using his usual voice, he says "dada" in a low, gravelly voice. We're not sure if it's because daddy has a lower voice than mommy and he's acknowledging that, or what. Whatever the case, it's hilarious to hear.

That usually happens in the morning when I bring River into our room to feed him and he sees daddy, but he sometimes does it on other occasions as well.

The other day Mr M gave him a piece of cheese, and in his normal voice he said "ooh!" and in his lower growly voice he said "nom nom!"

Unfortunately we haven't been able to film River talking in a lower voice. This is definitely one of those times when it would be nice to have cameras throughout the house to catch the funny things he says and does.

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