Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Musical Quilts

Lately I've been playing musical quilts with the beds in our house. We started out with this blue and brown comforter on our bed, but I sold it at our yard sale this summer so I could change up the color scheme in our room.

Then I built our new bed and bought a quilt with embroidered flowers. I really liked the quilt, but it just didn't go with the light blue gray walls.

 So I bought a darker quilt, and it works much better with the walls.

Once I got the master bedroom settled, it was time to work on the other beds. Our old log bed frame got moved to the basement guest room, and it needed bedding. Since the quilt with embroidered flowers didn't work in our room, I tried it in the basement guest room.  Apparently I really like this color, since the quilt and wall colors are almost exactly the same. It's a nice color, but it was a bit much, especially in a room that gets very little natural light.

So I brought the striped quilt down from the former guest room (now River's room) and tried it on the log bed. It looks much better. The turquoise stripes go well with the walls, and all the other colors brighten things up.

So now we're back upstairs in River's room. It used to look like this before River moved in.

Since the striped quilt looked better downstairs, I brought the flower-embroidered quilt back upstairs and tried it in River's room. It's not quite the same color as the painted walls above it, but because they're not right next to each other, it still works.

Sunshine may end up in this room when the baby is born- it depends on everyone's sleep habits at that point. She'd prefer a pink room and bedding, but I think the flowers on the quilt will win her over. That and getting to sleep in a big bed- this one's a full size, she currently sleeps in a twin.

Am I the only who switches quilts from bed to bed to bed?

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