Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Funny

Costco double seater shopping carts makes for good photos of the boys, though I think River enjoys the experience more than Ocean. I love Ocean's expressions :)

This one says "no more hugs!"

The side eye here is quite funny, especially with the hand pushing River away.

This one is clearly long-suffering, along the lines of "are we done yet?"

River's happy, but Ocean just wants River's hand off his shoulder.

The hand is still there and Ocean's little fist looks like it's ready to fix the problem.

River just wants to snuggle his brother, but Ocean doesn't understand the need to snuggle. One day he will- we managed to bring River around, and he used to hate snuggling as well. Though in this case, it's more River's brand of snuggling that Ocean dislikes :)

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