Wednesday, May 25, 2016

10 Months

Ocean's personality is starting to peek out and so far he's a happy, mischievous little guy. If he's heading towards somewhere he's not supposed to go (the bathroom, one of the doors to outside) and I call his name, he speeds up. I have to run to catch him before he gets into trouble.

I don't remember Sunshine or River doing this, but Ocean frequently crawls along the floor while pushing a toy car with one hand. Classic little boy :)

He's an exuberant little boy in almost everything he does: playing the piano, playing with toys, greeting us after nap, and so on.

look at his hands move

We had a rather traumatic experience this month which resulted in Ocean being the first of our kiddos to get stitches. He keeps letting go of things while standing up, but he inevitably falls down. This particular occasion he fell and cut his cheek on a sharp piece of metal. I couldn't tell how deep it was and I couldn't get a band aid to stay on it and trying to inspect the cut was making me nauseous (and of course Mr M was at work when this happened), so we took a trip to the ER to get it checked out. The doctor said it was only superficial and if he'd been an adult she would have just secured it with butterfly bandages, but since he's a wiggly baby she put in two stitches. Keeping the bandage dry for 5 days was a bit of a challenge, but we made it and one of the dissolvable stitches even lasted about a half a day longer. We're now in the scar healing stage. I've been rubbing a salve on the scar several times a day in hopes of minimizing the scar.

the only bandaid we could find that was the right size was Strawberry Shortcake
at least it was a puppy dog :)

after we removed the bandages, one stitch still in. he wasn't happy about me trying to get a picture

all stitches out, starting to heal

Ocean is always happy to see me, especially if it means getting out of his car seat. He flaps his arms up and down to show his excitement while giving me a great big smile.

solemn little dude

He doesn't walked on his own yet, but he does pull himself up on anything he can find. He's discovered he can do things while standing, like get into the bathroom vanity drawers.  And toilets. No picture of that one though, since I'm always rushing to grab him and wash his hands on the occasions a bathroom door is left open.

He has successfully climbed the stairs to the top (with me hovering protectively behind him, ready to catch him should he slip or wobble too much ) and I've caught him starting to climb them by himself on a couple occasions. Luckily my radar is finely attuned to his stair climbing hand slaps and I catch him before he gets very far. He's way too fearless.

starting out

made it to the top

The day before he turned 10 months old his first bottom tooth finally broke through. He'd been working on it all week and I could tell it was close, it was just a matter of when it was finally going to happen. I don't remember when Sunshine got her first tooth, but I'm sure it was earlier than this, and I know River had his first three teeth come in between when he turned 9 and 10 months. As a nursing mama, I have no problem with my kiddos waiting to get their teeth. Sharp little teeth can make breast feeding quite painful.

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