Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Funny

For a while River would walk around the house, carrying one book or another. Mr M and I repeatedly tried to sit him on our laps and read the book to him. He would always got upset, take his book away from us, and walk away.

He's finally gotten the idea of what books are for and will now bring us a book, ask (grunt with arms up) to sit on our lap, and will sit through us reading a couple pages of the book. Then he decides he's done and slides off our lap :)

The following pictures were all taken within about a ten minute period yesterday morning. That's four different books in not many more minutes. Such a busy little boy!

I think it's so funny that his pj sleeves are always pushed up to his elbows. They don't start that way, but they always end up that way. It just screams "active little boy" to me :)

here he wanted me to put my hand in the finger puppet glove attached to an Old MacDonald book.
he didn't want me to read it to him, just put my hand in it and wiggle the animals at him.

going for a kitchen drawer. not that drawer, though.

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