Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Random Rude People

I pulled the steps out from under the trailer when I was giving it a once-over before we sold it and found a surprise. It's so late in the season that I'm really hoping the nest was abandoned 

Not too long ago my sister and I were sharing stories of random rude people.

She had someone at work (a part-time co-worker who's never talked to her before) comment on how she didn't "look happy". Since my sister was just finishing a 14-hour shift at the hospital, she was tired and ready to go home and get to bed. She was supposed to look happy too?

I was at Whole Foods, reaching for the insanely expensive grain-free bread we're currently tolerating pretty well, and some lady next to me said "Oh, I'd never pay $8 for a loaf of bread!" as she reached for the cheapest gluten free bread.
"You would if you didn't have any other choices"
"There's lots of choices" (gestures up and down the shelves)
"No, we have to eat grain-free, and this is the only option"
(blank look)
Not that it was any of her business anyway.

So when did it become acceptable for random strangers to comment on choices we make, especially when those choices don't affect said random stranger? Has this been going on for awhile and I just never noticed, or is it a worsening problem?


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