Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm back

fog moving in across the Great Smoky Mountains

It's been three weeks since I last posted, and that was only because I'd already scheduled that post. Take out that one, and it's been four weeks since I posted. It's been quite a while since I've gone that long without posting.

So what have I been doing the last month?

Well, I got sick with a nasty respiratory bug that hung around a lot longer than I expected. I haven't been that sick for a couple years, and I'd rather it not happen again any time soon.

Then we went on a family field trip to Colonial Williamsburg. We'd made the reservations in early spring when some homeschool discounts were available, and we couldn't reschedule the trip even though I still wasn't feeling 100%.

We came home for a couple days then went on another road trip. This one was to the Great Smoky Mountains, where my sister and I ran a half marathon and we all explored the park.

We're home (and have internet access again), and don't have any more trips planned. So hopefully life will calm down a bit and we can get back into our daily groove and I can catch up on things like blog posts, laundry, and dust bunnies. The dust bunnies have multiplied like real bunnies and are out of control. In the meantime, above is a photo I took of the Smoky Mountains. They really do look like there's smoke in the air, but apparently it's just the mist that forms from lots of rain over lots of trees. It's beautiful either way :)

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