Tuesday, September 23, 2014

11 Months Old

I planned on posting this a couple weeks ago, but I was sick when River turned 11 months old and didn't get his pictures done till about a week ago. So they're really 11.5 month pictures, but that's too unwieldy, so I'm sticking with 11 months.

River is getting closer to walking and will take a step or two on his own, but that's it. We fully expect him to be walking fairly confidently by the time he's a year old.

He still likes to look at himself and whoever's holding him in the mirror. Combine the mirror with being gently thrown in the air by daddy and we got some great pictures.

He still likes to carry his shoes around.

River is really not sure what to make of phones. He's heard both me and Mr M on the phone when we've been doing other things and he recognizes our voices, but not being able to see us freaks him out. He doesn't understand how he can hear us but not see us.

He likes books and has a couple favorites already. I guess we're setting good examples for him :)

We went to the splash park with our homeschool group and I didn't bring his swimsuit because I thought he'd sleep while we were there. Nice wish! No sleeping for him when there's kids running around making noise. He wanted to join them, so I let him crawl around for a bit in his diaper and tshirt. He had a great time and wasn't happy when it was time to go.

River cut his fourth tooth- the top front tooth that hadn't yet come in. He has two more that are moving down but haven't broken through yet. There's been lots of drool and finger chewing going on, poor kiddo.

He firmly believes he needs to eat the same dinner as us. But in order for it to be the same, it needs to come from my plate. This is not something I want to encourage, so hopefully we can stop that one soon. But once I cut up food small enough for him it isn't recognizable as what we're eating, so if it's not coming directly off my plate, he doesn't recognize it as our food. There's nothing quite like eating and feeling those brown eyes stare at you accusingly because he doesn't have the same food. He also thinks my water is better than his, but that's definitely not happening.

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