Friday, June 17, 2016

Our Weekly Hikes

The kiddos and I have been enjoying our (almost) weekly hikes and a recent hike yielded a lot of interesting sights. Like this brightly colored centipede.

A bit later we explored a fallen tree and its roots. It diverted a stream and we followed the water's path as it went around the tree and under the trail.

 And we found raccoon prints in the mud bank next to the tree and the stream. And maybe some deer prints too?

A bit later we found this interesting hole in the tree. Unfortunately it smelled pretty bad. Though I suppose that could be fortunate since River had no desire to stick his hand in a super stinky hole, which is a good thing in my eyes.

 The older kidlets and me.

 And the youngest kidlet, conked out.

I even caught Sunshine and River sharing a walking stick for 3.7 seconds. Too sweet!

We don't always make it to the park for hikes, but we enjoy our time when we do. I'm kicking myself for taking so long to do this, but I'm glad we finally are. I'd like to start going to parks that are further away so we can explore them too, though that we might not for another year or two, when we're not so tied down by the boys' nap schedules.

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