Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Projects

I was sick for a good portion of January, so I was not as productive as I'd have liked, which actually gave me the chance to ponder what productivity really means (I've got a post on that topic that I've almost finished writing).

Despite that, I did work on several projects and completed some of them, but I haven't had the chance yet to blog about most of them. Several other projects are still on-going and will be blogged about when I finish them. Until I get those posts finished, here's some sneak peaks:

We tapped the maple trees and made our first batches of syrup

Slobber sleeves for the Boba carrier - finished, but not blogged about

Christmas placemat pillows -  finished, but not blogged about

Cover for our advent calendar and hanging bookshelf - finished, but not blogged about

DIY teething rings -  finished, but not blogged about

Rec room floor pouf - finished, but not blogged about

Pinewood Derby trophies, version 2016 - finished, but not blogged about

Sunshine's room - painted, but shelves not quite finished

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