Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Running is Fun, Part 2

This is a follow-up to yesterday's running recap.

I went for another run outside on Saturday. I wasn't sure how it would go since I spent Thursday and Friday feeling like crap, dealing with the fallout from eating something Wednesday night that really didn't agree with me. Not gluten, but the reaction was almost as bad. I think it was some rice flour- I've been reacting worse and worse every time I eat it, but it hasn't been this bad before. And whole rice doesn't seem to be as problematic as rice flour. A day and a half of stomach and intestinal issues was definitely not fun, and meant that I ate and drank very little. So I was tired (I'm perpetually tired, but felt even more so), dehydrated, and under-fueled going into this run, but I thought it went very well despite that.

Like last Saturday, I ran 4.1 miles, but this time I managed to run the first 3.1 miles without stopping. Yay me! After finishing the first 3.1 miles, I walked for .2 miles then tried to run again, but realized I had no energy left, so I ended up walking all of the last mile. Not what I had intended, but all that I could manage given everything going on with my body.

I was able to run 3.1 miles in 35:05, which is about the time that I finished several of my faster races this year. Interestingly, I didn't feel like what I was running too fast or too hard. Though in all reality, I was running faster in those races since I stopped and walked multiple times during the races and still managed to finish in the same time that I ran on Saturday.

I did have to talk myself into continuing running a couple times because I was tired, but overall the run felt good and I'm cautiously optimistic about the New Year's Day 5k on Thursday.

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