Friday, December 19, 2014

Did you know you can print envelopes with your Silhouette?

I found a post here that described how to do it and I realized I could use the tutorial to spiff up our Christmas card envelopes. I wouldn't say it's quicker than handwriting all the addresses, but it does look nicer :)

I used my sketch pens- silver sparkly for the snowflakes, black sparkly for the names and addresses. Then those ran out and I used blue for the snowflakes and black for the writing. I think I went through 4 or 5 pens all together, so not super-cheap in that respect. I had a package of sketch pens that I received for Christmas last year, so I had fun playing around with them.

The only problem I had was remembering to switch the pens in between the letters and the snowflakes. A couple people may be getting an all-silver printed envelope...

I really like how they turned out- especially the snowflakes on the envelopes. If I do this again next year, I'll leave more time for this project. It took longer than I had planned and I ended up rushing to make it to the post office before it closed today. Oops. They should still arrive before Christmas, though, so it's a win in my book :)

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