Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall Acorns and Leaves

our back deck

The first fall we spent in our house was a bit of a shock. We were woken up at night on more than one occasion by acorns crashing from great heights onto our roof and bouncing to our deck. You wouldn't think a tiny acorn would be able to make that much noise, but they really do.

Last year there were very few acorns. They didn't wake us up as they fell, mainly because they didn't fall. I'm not sure if there were so much less because of the weather or the cicadas, or what. This year there's has been a lot less squirrels because there was less food available to them.

We'll be having a squirrel population explosion this spring :)

There's tons of acorns and if you step outside when the wind is blowing (or even if it's not), you run the risk of getting beaned by acorns.

As the acorns fall, so do the leaves. Lots and lots of leaves because we have lots of tall trees.  Mr M made a big pile of some of them the other day and we took the time for a fun photo op with the kiddos. We're still getting to know our camera better and still have a ways to go, but we're making progress. Editing helps, too :)

I boosted the color a bit too much in this photo, but I think it's a fun one anyway. I love the leaves flying around.

River working on his "presidential wave".

I saw this one and had to laugh. I have no idea what they're doing, but the fact that they both have their eyes closed is just too funny!

 Such cute kids!

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